Vibrational Frequency

Each one of us is at a vibration frequency. This is also called a vibration plane. There is a vibrational frequency below your level. Similarly, there is a vibrational frequency above your level.

Why is this important to know about your daily life?
1. Each person that you are connecting with around you – whether you like them or dislike them – are on the SAME vibrational frequency as you are!
2. People find comfort with the people who are on the same vibrational frequency as themselves. They connect with them faster; spot them faster and communicate with them easily

A person “drops” from his regular /practised for a while /practised over a long time vibrational frequency when they “consciously” do not take measures to keep their energies higher eg. Using
1. meditating by self; in a group; under the guidance of an expert
2. spending “regular” time in nature
3. getting their chakras cleansed, diagnosed once a fortnight
4. have never or have discontinued or are irregular with their Energy Healing or Energy Therapy sessions including distant therapy or distant healing
In such a scenario, it is guaranteed that their vibrational frequency will dip to a lower vibrational frequency or vibrational plane.

How to maintain your vibrational frequency or how to raise your vibrational frequency?
1. By practising the above mentioned 4 points
2. One doesn’t necessarily have to be on a lower or low frequency to get these 4 points used, someone can be on a good vibrational plain or vibrational frequency also and desire a “higher” vibrational plain or vibrational frequency

Benefits of having a higher vibrational frequency or vibrational plain
1. You will AUTOMATICALLY attract personal relationships as well as professional relationships with people of HIGHER vibrational frequency or vibrational plain
2. Opportunities and people that you have desired to connect with but have been dodging you or getting delayed will now manifest with you
3. Another main advantage is that the people of lower (or your “earlier” vibrational plain) that do not contribute to you will suddenly get transferred out of the department or company. Similarly in personal life also such movement will happen for your benefit. Eg. Neighbour shifting
4. Most importantly, the higher /new vibrational frequency will AUTOMATICALLY ensure that people of that higher vibrational frequency start to notice you. This is where you get to be RECOGNISED for what your heart always yearned for.


vibrational frequency

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