What is the dictionary meaning of gratitude?
The dictionary meaning of gratitude is the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. Now let’s convert this to day to day use for us!

What does gratitude mean? What is the meaning of gratitude we keep wondering?
Gratitude is not doubting that you are supported by Divinity, gratitude is knowing in your heart that you are taken care of by the cosmic force. Gratitude is the art to express thankfulness – verbally or in your heart or in your mind – for the Universe has your back. Gratitude is the nonverbal communication that brings a smile to your face and relief to your heart that your life is taken care of and that it all might not make sense right now but it is all aligned with your overall role on this planet.

Gratitude meaning in life is like water is to a drying plant. Add gratitude with your effort /hard work & intent and receive abundance faster than anyone could have expected. One word of caution though “gratitude is not an exchange for something you desire”. It is not a bargaining mechanism with the Universe. So if that is your intent, then change it.

How can you transform your life with gratitude?
You can change your life with gratitude! Just remember this simple “reward example”. Supposing parents come home with one chocolate each for their two kids. Now one child comes, grabs it and runs off to play. The parents smile. The other child comes, takes it in hand, says with a big smile “thanks mom and dad, this is soo cool”. How do you think the parents feel? Delighted! Now on they would still bring gifts or chocolates for both the kids but they would always in their mind know that the other child express “gratitude” so their desire to give to the other child will be much much higher. The Universe functions pretty much the same way. Have you heard “what you put your energy to ….grows”? Similarly, when the Universe sees you appreciating more & more the goodness that it sends your way…. I will be delighted like that parent analogy and “desire” to give you more.

This also explains how you see the complainers around you having less and less while there are people who already have an abundance that is getting just more and more. The flow just never seems to stop for them. Why is it? Why is it that the abundant are getting more and more abundance while the complainers are getting more and more lack. Simple, the people getting abundance are practicing “gratitude”

How to be grateful?
Skill is by default or it is developed. There is no other way. So if you don’t know how to be grateful under all circumstances, start with small things now and expand more and more gradually. It will soon be a habit since anything that is practiced over a period of time becomes a habit.

You can start by writing a gratitude journal. This should ideally be done daily before sleeping. Here are a couple of more tips for the same :
• ensure it is the same time
• same place
• same pen
• continuous days (as you have declared pre-starting)
• it can be 7 continuous days or 11 or 21 days to start with
• the number of points to write by you should be defined by you before starting this journal.
• The points should ideally not be repeated the next day
• You should start in a fresh diary with a fresh pen (irrespective of cost)
• You should keep your journal /diary at a clean place /desk

Energize your life with gratitude. There is so much to be thankful for. Not only when you reach the next destination do you have to be grateful. Look behind in your journey, chances are you have lived a life that many would pay anything to live for and alike!

So if you want not just success but contentment and that rare feeling of “bliss” then give a new meaning to your life with gratitude.

Gratitude as a lifestyle will give you more joy, abundance, fulfillment, leverage than anything else that anyone ever talks about.

Start practicing NOW.

Keep Smiling!




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