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What is the Energy Therapy / Energy Work?
Energy work or Energy Therapy is the diagnosis, remedy, and recovery of any non-alignment between your energies with a greater life that you deserve!

The non-alignment could be because of many reasons – known or unknown to you. It could also be because of outside impact – of others or your surroundings. The bottom line is that it is impacting YOUR life !! So only you and you have to do something about it. And that too as soon as this information is now available to you!

Where can Energy Work / Energy Therapy help?
it can help in any area of your life. For the purpose of ease, let’s look at the business you always wanted to start, have or even dissolve; the collaboration you always desired to have or discontinue; the association or the dream referral you always wanted to have. If any of this has not happened yet, all we are saying is that it is not because you lack the required talent or requisite skills but because you are not looking at the greater picture.

Can you go to an examination hall well prepared without your admit card? No. Similarly, if your energies are not aligned with your purpose then you can keep on doing hard work but you will still not achieve the results.

With the help of energy work, we ask you what you desire or require and then match your frequency with that if it is for your highest and best.

What is the benefit of Energy Therapy / Energy Work for me?
You can continue to do hard work persistently. But the one commodity that no one has ever been able to buy is time and with energy work, we save your time! Your results happen faster and thus save you not only time but a lot of energy and money.

Can Energy Therapy / Energy Work be face to face only or online?
It can be both face to face as well as online (over skype or zoom). There are some sessions however that are preferred face to face only which you will be told when you give your query to the energy therapist or energy coach. The online format will be a lot of remedial based. While the face to face sessions have quicker chances or recovery while offering remedies also. Group sessions or the private session will again be a discretion based on the case. The format that gives the best value to the person will be followed by the energy therapist or energy coach.

Is India the origin of Energy Therapy / Energy Work?
Whether this is 100% or not, our question is why even get into this debate. Just know that when it came back to India the mindset had changed to “application based / implement based” and that is all that will make a change to your life rather than the hoardings of all knowledge in libraries.

Your energy session is just a booking away!

Dive into this world and come out more powerful that people around you could have imagined for you or even you for yourself!

Keep Smiling!



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