Energy Suckers

Who are Energy Suckers?

Energy Suckers or as sometimes people refer to them as Energy Vampires are the people after meeting whom you feel “drained” or a “lack of energy”.

How do you identify an Energy Sucker?

Simple. The moment your meeting /interaction is in progress OR has ended with this person, you feel drained or lack of energy predominately ‘without any reason’.  This is not a coincidence, this is how you feel each time you meet this person.  Your thought process becomes slow, your decision making is impacted and you feel a loss of zeal for life or the project in hand!

Now if you have watched my video on the subject, you would have seen that I spoke of giving them the “benefit of the doubt”.  Let’s explain this further, the only benefit we give energy suckers is that they might be doing it unintentionally which implies that even they don’t know themselves that they are causing energy drain for the other person.  However, having said that it still does not mean you try to justify your drain of energy with that person.


Which energy suckers are doing it intentionally then?

Bullies are a great example of intentional energy vampires or energy suckers!  Yes, bullies!  Bullying at the workplace or at home or any other scenario is a classic example of energy sucker who cannot be given the benefit of doubt that he or she is doing it unintentionally!

Bullies impact your confidence, your decision making, and your choices.


How do you stop someone from draining energy?

Please note the answer is “you cannot!”. You cannot stop a person from draining your energy.  It is their nature.  The nature of a dog is to bark, the nature of a scorpion is to bite, and the nature of a snake is to curl up.  So the “nature” of an energy sucker is to drain you of “your” energy.


What is the best way to deal with an energy sucker then?

Yes, the best way to deal with an Energy Vampire is to AVOID the person.  There is a misconception that energy is impacted only when meeting that person.  No, this is a myth.  Your energy is also drained if you are on a phone call with that person or even if there are an exchange of messages with that person!  Ouch!  Yes, energy transfers ‘irrespective’ of the medium of exchange.

Now you might say that it is impossible to “avoid” such a person.  In this case, we follow either of the two mechanisms –

1) ‘minimize’ your transactions /verbal interactions with this person

2) best is to ‘delegate’ the responsibility of communication with the energy sucker /energy vampire to another person.


How do successful people deal with energy vampires /energy suckers?

They create a “buffer” person /channel between you and the energy vampire.  So the communication is still happening but not directly between you and the energy sucker.  This has turned out to be the most practical approach to deal with an energy sucker till now.


How do you protect yourself from energy vampires and energy suckers?

As explained above “prevention” is the best cure.  However, you can protect yourself by these simple remedies also: 1) keep a sachet of salt in your pocket before meeting that person.  Salt has been the best solvent in the world of Energy Work since ages!  Now, after the meeting has finished and you come out, please ‘responsibly dispose of’ this salt into the first trash can that you see outside.  Under no circumstances are you to take that sachet home or to the next meeting  2) invoke your guardian angels/gurus/ ascended masters for protection “prior” to stepping into that meeting  3) mentally invoke your parents for protection, prior meeting this person.

These three are the time-tested, situations-tested solutions that have protected people from unavoidable meetings with the energy suckers!  Try them – you have nothing to lose and just too much to gain!

And of course, as I mentioned earlier, on the lines of ‘prevention is better than cure’ just know this simple technique – if you feel that you are not someone whose intuition is that strong – that anyone opposed to people who inspire you after meeting them (not the neutral people) are energy suckers.

Spend time with people you are either neutral or who inspire you.  For anyone else, watch out, this might be an energy sucker!

An energy sucker gains little but you lose a lot by his /her /their impact.

Be smart.  You are only responsible for your own positive energies being secured and your regular energies being guarded and protected.

This article has helped you immensely in dealing with an energy sucker.  Start applying now!

Keep Smiling!


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