About Swati Sharma

Logic is in the way of Magic!

Swati Sharma started her professional career as an Energy Therapist & Counsellor in year 2013. The number of years then just became a number as the amount of expertise she has gained on working with so many different people on such amazing spread of fields has remarkably put her equivalent to many people of her field who are pursuing similar things over decades.

Our Services

Our Services


Chakras Reading

Face Reading

Dream Interpretation

Molecules Therapy

Bach Flower Remedy

Aura Cleansing


Tarot Cards Reading

Angel Cards Reading

Mission & Vision

Her mission remains that the world should be free to believe and experience in the magic of energy work. This is fundamentally clear and obvious, that if everything around us is made up on energy, how can we deny that energy work is used for dealing with physical, emotional, mental or spiritual discomforts or diseases.
Her vision is to have an umbrella of alternative therapists, counselors and holistic healers come together in such a way that if any person on the planet walks in with any issue from sneezing to something like cancer, the person should be assured that he or she is going to be taken care of.


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